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February 2022

The employee handbook holds the key to your heart.

There is much to unpack amid the fallout at CNN, which saw its longtime president, Jeff Zucker, “resign in disgrace,” according to recent headlines. The official reason he stepped down? He was romantically involved with a longtime colleague and fellow senior executive, chief marketing officer, Allison Gollust — and he failed to disclose this fact internally.

Against a backdrop of boardroom intrigue involving an impending acquisition of the network, a soon-to-launch streaming service, and fired celebrity anchor Chris Cuomo’s scorched-earth litigation style, the whole thing seems all sorts of messy. But it holds lessons for even the most buttoned-up professional since workplace romances are prevalent. One out of every three American adults is or has previously been in one, according to the National Law ReviewRead More >

Pure Wow

May 2018

Millennials. They’ve got answers. Their men are more selfless. They are all about work-life balance. And since they are (literally) taking over the world, it makes sense they’ve discovered (or, more accurately, rediscovered) a personal finance philosophy that allows you to liberate yourself from the rat race and retire early. Like way early. Like by 40.   

Welcome to F.I.R.E., aka Financial Independence, Retire Early. It’s a lifestyle system designed to transform your relationship with money via a nine-step plan laid out by pioneering frugalista author Vicki Robin in her recently reissued best seller Your Money or Your Life. Read More >

We Asked a Financial Therapist for Money Advice—and It Was Fascinating

Pure wow

March 2018

File this under “who knew?” Within the world of financial advisors is a subset of specialists who are also psychologists.

So what exactly is a financial therapist?

Financial therapists help clients explore their emotional relationship with money. Family money weirdness, secretive overspending, marital stress—it’s their bread and butter. We spoke to Dr. Brad Klontz, a leader in the field, about what keeps women up at night, and what keeps us from getting richer. Read More >

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