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Celebrity Profiles

Ashley Graham's Body Revolution Has Only Just Begun


September 2016

If the women getting mani-pedis at New York City's chic Tenoverten salon recognize Ashley Graham, they're too cool to let on. Still, they can't help sneaking glances at the supermodel in their midst. Graham's energy—accentuated by a bright orange, curve-hugging dress—is electric. In a world in which self-acceptance can seem rare, Graham, 28, happily embraces the obvious: She. Is. Gorgeous. "I look cute today! Where are all the paparazzi?" she says with a laugh. The bold declaration could sound like bravado, but instead, it's somehow refreshing. As women, how often do we proudly acknowledge our own hotness? "I love my hourglass figure," she says, smiling, eye contact game strong. "You can be sexy and feel good in your skin, no matter what size you are."  Read More >

What Not to Wear's Stacy London: My Long Battle with Eating Disorders


October 2016

1991 90 lbs.

1993 180 lbs.

On Fashion’s Night Out in New York City, a crowd of What Not to Wear fans is lined up inside clothing store New York & Company, waiting to get their outfits analyzed by Stacy London, who’s as famous for her silver hair streak as for her no-nonsense ambush make-overs on TLC. A plus-size young woman, her shoulders slumped in a dingy T-shirt and sweatpants, her eyes welling up with tears, tells London, “I know I’m wearing gross clothes. But there aren’t any nice clothes for me. I’m disgusting.” London quickly writes down a phone number...  Read More >

Juliette Lewis: Wild at Heart


October 2010

Juliette Lewis is so over talking about Brad Pitt. “It’s just like talking about junior high school,” she says, wearing a silver necklace that spells out M-I-S-F-I-T as she sips coffee in the lobby of a New York hotel. Sure, they dated from 1990 to 1993. And yes, at the time she called him “my mate for life.” But even so, “It’s like, why don’t we talk about Rodney in 8th grade, who I was madly in love with?” says Lewis. “That puts it in perspective.”

Back then, it was Lewis-not yet Pitt-who was the talk of Hollywood. From her Oscar nomination at 18 for 1991’s Cape Fear to edgy movies such as 1994’s Natural Born Killers, “I got successful very young,” says the star. Read More >

Pippa Middleton: A Star Is Born


May 2011

Back when the Middleton sisters joined their local Brownies troop in 1990, the girls-Kate, then 8, and Pippa, 7-happily threw themselves into the usual scouting activities: crafts, camping, badge-earning. “They were just ordinary children,” says their former “Brown Owl” leader June Scutter. “Kate and her sister were very close. I never heard them argue at all.” That closeness continued into their teen years-even as the contrast between the sisters’ personalities became more apparent. Kate was “quite shy,” recalls a source whose family bonded with the Middletons during a 1996 diving vacation in Egypt. And her younger sister? “More outgoing.”

Call it a tale of two sisters: Catherine Elizabeth, 29, unfailingly discreet, polite...  Read More >

Beyoncé: Mama's Girl


August 2010

Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles, have been designing together for more than five years. As the fall collections of their sophisticated House of Deréon line and edgier Deréon label hit stores, they sat down with PEOPLE to talk about their powerful partnership.

Did you think your mom was stylish when you were growing up?

Beyoncé: I absolutely did. And still do. Her hair, her makeup, the house: Everything she touched became glamorous. She designed all of my friends’ prom dresses. Still, sometimes our fans will call, and my mom will go and design their prom dresses, which I think is the sweetest thing ever.

Tina: As a child Beyoncé was very quiet and unassuming.  Read More >

Katie Lee Single in the City


November 2009

Katie Lee is bustling about her kitchen, flipping pancakes and talking about how she likes to spend her weekends. “My girlfriends come over, and I’ll make a huge pot of coffee and we’ll have our little hen session,” she says, with a slight twang that betrays her Milton, W.Va., roots. “That’s the typical Sunday.”

But only as of recently. In June the celebrity foodie—her second cookbook, The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions, just hit stores— announced that she and her husband of nearly five years, Billy Joel, were separating. Since then, Lee (who dropped the “Joel” from her name) has set up what she calls “a revolving door” for pals like Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern, and celebrity chef Paula Deen at the Greenwich Village brownstone she once shared with her ex.  Read More >

Scott Conant: Celeb Chef, Cookbook Author & Father


By any measure, Chef Scott Conant already has a lot on his plate: He’s a judge on Food Network’s mega-hit Chopped (and a frequent presence on other shows), a best-selling cookbook author, the father of two young daughters (ages 4 and 7), and the owner/executive chef of a thriving portfolio of upscale Italian restaurants. So what inspired him to open his latest, Fusco, an elegant but unstuffy boîte in the heart of New York City’s new culinary capital—the Gramercy Park neighborhood? Simply put, showing love through cooking is in his blood. Fusco is his maternal grandmother’s maiden name and the restaurant’s ethos is infused with her spirit. “When I say the goal of the restaurant is to provide ‘old world hospitality,’ I think of my grandmother sitting at her table making cavatelli,” says Conant.  Read More >

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