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The Incredible Rise of Makeup Artist Hung Vanngo, Selena Gomez's Go-To


August 2017

There's a reason hairstylist Mark Townsend nicknamed him Hung Van Glow. It's a rep Vanngo has earned from clients like Kate Bosworth and Selena Gomez. "Beautiful skin has become one of my signatures," says the New Yorker, who shares his techniques with 600,000-plus followers on Instagram. Though he spends hours prepping stars' skin with glycolic serums and Korean sheet masks ("I never rush that process, no matter how little time we have"), he's not about a #flawless look. Read More >

Beauty Talk: Natalie Portman Reveals Her Hair and Makeup Secrets—

and 6 Must-Have Products


May 2015

Consider the two faces of Natalie Portman: the glamorous Oscar winner and the working mom whose definition of styling her hair is sleeping on it wet. Then, try to decide which one is more exquisite. The star sat down with InStyle to chat about her beauty shortcuts, her top 6 must-have products, and the secret to her covetable glow. Read on to find out more, and to raid her makeup bag!  Read More >

Meet the Chanel Makeup Artist Hollywood Can't Live Without


April 2017

For Kate Lee, the secret to making celebrities look their best is knowing when to stop. “I sometimes go dangerously nude with skin because when someone has this light shining from within, it’s blasphemous to coat them in a mask of foundation,” she says.

Not that Lee is makeupaverse. She calls her technique “appropriate and balanced,” which in Rooney Mara’s case means using mascara on the star’s eyebrows. “I want to see every single hair. A thick, lustrous brow is one of the most youthful things you can have.”  Read More >

How Kristen Stewart's Hairstylist Adir Abergel Became Hollywood's Mane Man


October 2017

On Adir Abergel’s Instagram, the stars are always out: There’s Gwyneth Paltrowin a chic low pony and that white Tom Ford cape at the 2012 Oscars. There’s Jessica Biel’s long, full bangs. And yep, that’s Reese Witherspoon cuddling up with him in a selfie. And while Abergel’s looks may be “undone, deconstructed, and effortless,” he says, his relationships run deep. Anne Hathaway wrote on Instagram: “Adir, you have held me, cried with me, smiled for me, got me laughing when I thought it was impossible.” Part hair magician, part therapist, he doesn’t just cut; he connects. “I love and respect these women immensely,” he says of his clients. “I think it’s the level of empathy I have for them that keeps me there.”  Read More >

Anyone Who’s ‘Failed’ at Breastfeeding Will Feel So Much Better After Reading This

Pure Wow

May 2018

One of the biggest heartbreaks of motherhood may also be one of its earliest (way to test our strength there, universe): Wanting to breastfeed your baby but not being able to. And anyone who has Googled “Am I making enough milk?!” in the middle of the night may not find much comfort on the internet. (Go figure.) Here, former Harvard Medical School instructor, ob-gyn and mother of four breastfed children Dr. Amy Tuteur shares scientific evidence that not all moms are able to nurse, no matter how hard they try. Plus, evidence that that’s really and truly OK.  Read More >

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